Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety Movie Review: Luv Ranjan Is Back With The Same Actors, The Same Story


Cast: Kartik Aryan, Nusrat Bharucha, Sunny Singh, Alok Nath, Deepika Amin, Virendra Saxena, Ayesha Raza

Director: Luv Ranjan

Story: Love Ranjan, Rahul Maddy

Rating: 3.5

Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety is fourth film of the Love Ranjan. Like the previous films, in this film, Luv Ranjan has once again been trying to prove the girl completely wrong and this time also, the protecting themselves from the girls. Once again, the film character is targeted at female Comedy Sense the film. There is nothing new in the story of the film.

Looking at the film, you can easily guess what is going to happen next in the story. But every time like this, Lav Ranjan has also starred in the film. However, some very sexist jokes will also show you in the film. Both the star cast and the director of the movie are repeating themselves, in this case you will sometimes see such scenes that will remind you of the Pyaar Ka Punchnama series. If the name of the movie is ignored then this film is also a new part of the series of Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

Film Story

You will remember that 5-minute speech of Kartik Aryan in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, in which he doing malady of girls in one breath. The film also starts in the same fashion. The story of the film is of two friends who are tug-friendly friends. The parents of Sonu (Kartik Aryan) and Titu (Sunny Nijar) are good friends, but after Sonu’s mother’s death, her father goes abroad and Sonu has grown up in the house of her friend Titu.

In the film, Titu has tried to show a little dumb and emotionally, while Sonu is a little smart and always save him the clutches of girls. Prior to the entry of Sweety (Nusrat Bharucha) Sonu has done, Titu’s breakup and advises marriage and like a good child, Titu also accepts his advice. Then there is an entry of Sonu’s Titu Sweety. Sweetie is perfect like an Indian woman, and at the first time, she won the hearts of Titu and her family. But for his friend, Over Protective Sonu does not seem sweety to be so sweet and she starts taking loopholes in it.

Weakest Part In Film

The weakest aspect of the film’s story is that the story of the whole film has been around the character of Sweety and it is tried to prove it a liar and a fake. But till the end of the film, it has not been told to you that why is it bad? Is she just a girl, so she gets bad? This time in the film, Luv Ranjan did not tell exactly why it is necessary that why the need for elect in friendship and love.

Talking About Acting

The most shocking role in the film was the Alok Nath, who is not seen in the film as a cult. Alok Nath has shown the role of this not-so-respectful grandfather in a very beautiful and fun manner. Kartik Aryan and Nusrat Bharucha have also done their character properly. But both of them are repeating themselves, due to which both are not able to do anything new. At the same time, Sunny Singh needs to do a bit more


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