Video : Priya Prakash New Video Teaser is Out, Watch The Cutest Video Of This Valentine

Priya Prakash New Video Teaser

Priya Prakash New Video Teaser of Oru Adaar Love is released today before Valentine’s Day. Priya Prakash, who made everyone look crazy, got this kind of look in the video that you would see wounded. This video is being discussed on every side as soon as the video arrives. In this Priya Prakash is sitting in a class room and at first she gives flying and then shooting with the help of hands.

The boy he is pretending to be injured, the person who sees this video also can not escape from it. Priya Prakash has released this teaser by itself through social media. Priya has dedicated this video to those who are in love.


Priya Prakash New Video Teaser

This video has been released by Priya Prakash on her social media today. Within a few hours of release, these teasers have become viral on social media. Click here to view Priya Prakash New Video Teaser

If you run Facebook and Whatsapp, then this viral video will not be left to your eyes. In the viral video, the boy and girl appearing in school uniforms are expressing their love in the crowd without saying anything.

Within a few hours after the video was viral, millions of followers of Priya Varrier went on to Instagram and Priya Varrier became famous even before the release of her first film. Even from Twitter to Facebook, Priya started to light trends everywhere. Seeing this, Priya did not believe that she got fame like this overnight. Priya wrote on her Twitter,

Good morning to all of you. I’m not sure I’m trending. Thank you for showing this love and support.


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