Poster Boys Movie Review : Complete Dose of Laughter


Poster Boys Movie Review

Today is the fantastic Friday For Bollywood Fans as Sunny Deol’s one of the most awaited film “Poster Boys” got released in theaters and here we are telling you the Poster Boys Movie Review so before going to Watch Poster Boys read one our Poster Boys Movie Review.


Poster Boys Cast And Crew

Here is the complete list of Poster Boys Cast and Crew
Cast: Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyash Talpade
Director: Shreyash Talpade
Producer: Sunny Sounds Private Limited, Shreyash Talpade, Deepti Talpade Author: Bunty Rathore, Paritosh Painter.

Excellent moment: On the lines of JP Dutta’s borders, there is a scene in the movie, which will force you to laugh.

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Story of Poster Boys

For a few minutes of the film, we are introduced to “Jagavar Chaudhary” (Sunny Deol), “Vinay Sharma” (Bobby Deol) and “Arjun Singh”(Shreyash Talpade).  Chowdhury(Sunny Deol) is an X Army Man who is Self-Obsessed. At the same time, Vinay Sharma(Bobby Deol) is a forgetful school teacher, who forgets everything repeatedly and Arjun Singh(Shreyash Talpade) is the Recovery Agent.
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These three are put in difficulty when their photographs are mistakenly used by the PSA in promoting male sterilization. Due to this misunderstanding, the marriage of the sister of Jagavar Chaudhary is broken, Vinay is given a divorce notice and the marriage proposal of Arjuna is turned down.
Despite not doing sterilization, they become a joke on every side and they are insulted throughout the village. On the other hand, these ‘Poster Boys’ come together and try to find out who is responsible for all of them.


This film is a remake of Marathi film “Poster Boys”. Sunny and Bobby Deol Starrer this movie has a lot of craze. Regardless of this insanity and confusion, the movie is highly entertaining due to the film’s Perfect Situational Comedy. Shreyas Talpade done a superb and spectacular job as a debutant director. On the other hand, the film somewhere becomes over-dramatic and there is a lot of preaching in Climax. That does not fit in the film’s flow.

The performance

Poster Boys Movie Review
It is very interesting to see Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol doing comedy on their own. In many scenes, Bobby Deol’s phone ringtone laughs too much, which is his film Soldier. And then Bobby Deol, taking a dialogue with several old films of Sunny Deol and himself, seems to be enjoying talking to those dialogues in front of him. Shreyash Talpade will also laugh a lot. However, the performance of Sonali Kulkarni was not something special.

Technical aspect

There is no technical participation in the poster boys anywhere. At the same time there is no need to notice the set and the technical side as you are busy laughing and enjoying the bumpy forest liner again and again. Editing and cinematography are quite good.


Poster Boys Movie Review
If you talk about music, then nothing is so special. At the same time, the townships are remembered for some extent.


If you want a light comedy and want to get rid of work and boring schedule and want to laugh a lot, then you must definitely go to see poster boys.


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