PK Bollywood Movie


PK Story: An outsider terrains on earth however loses his remote to go home. Does “PK” return – and as he explores the human world, what does he pick up and lose?

PK Review: Arriving on earth, an outsider (Aamir) is quickly ransacked of the main thing he’s wearing, the remote through which he can go home. Remaining unaware of human ways, dialect, dress or lies, the outsider scans urgently for his remote, his tricks sufficiently unusual for individuals to inquire as to whether he’s ‘pee kay’ or tipsy. One day, “PK” meets Jaggu (Anushka), a TV correspondent who encourages him. Can they locate PK’s remote, now with god-man Tapasvi ji (Shukla)? Furthermore, do PK and Jaggu additionally discover love?


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