THIS bollywood actress was the first choice for Haseena Parker, Not Shraddha Kapoor


The trailer of  “Haseena Parker” has been finally out. Shraddha Kapoor is playing the role of “Haseena Parker”. But you know Shraddha was not the first choice of Director Apoorva Lakhia.

Who was the first choice for Haseena Parker

Initially Director Apoorva Lakhia was thinking about Sonakshi Sinha as the lead role of “Haseena Parker”, even he had approached Sonakshi Sinha to play the lead role as Haseena Parker. But at that time she was busy in “Force 2” shooting. So lead role of “Haseena Parker” went to the Shraddha’s lap.

What Director Said on Trailer Launch

During the Trailer Launch of “Haseena Parker” director Apoorva Lakhia revealed that Shraddha was not his first choice for “Haseena Parker”,
he said “We had first approached Sonakshi. Our shoot kept on getting postponed. She was doing Force 2 at that time and John was injured. Shraddha was totally my second choice. I knew she could play a 17-year-old and a 45-year-old too”.

What Siddharth Kapoor Said

Siddharth Kapoor(‘Shraddha’s real brother’) who played Haseena Parker’s brother Dawood in the film was also appeared at the Haseena Parker Trailer Launch, He shared his experience to work with his sister “Shraddha Kapoor” for the first time and said “I was cast with Sonakshi Sinha but she could not do the film so my sister came on board which was the best that happened to my life and my career. She has been working so hard to pull it off.”

What Shradhha Said

On being questioned by media if she ever gets bored of the girl next door characters, Shraddha said “I would always take up an interesting romantic script, and I think being an actor can never be boring. We get to be so many characters; I cannot remember one instance when I was bored. Being an actor and being in films is a real privilege.”

This film will also be mark as first female base main lead role film for Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor’s last movie was with Arjun Kapoor “Half Girlfriend”.

“Haseena Parkar” is a crime based biopic, based on Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parker. Initially the film was named as “Haseena: Queen of Mumbai”.

The film is releasing on 18-Aug-2018 in theaters.


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