Ram Gopal Verma’s Guns And Thighs Trailer : Full of Abuse And Nude Scenes


Guns And Thighs Trailer: For 18+ Only

Guns And Thighs Trailer: Bollywood film director Ram Gopal Varma has shared his web series Guns and Thighs Trailer on social media. These upsurge webcircles bring their faces in front of Mumbai and tell about their connections with the underworld. Ram Gopal shared this trailer on his Twitter account. He wrote – I’m heading for a new journey to GUNS and THIGHS. Trailer of the first season of my ambitious GUNS and THIGHS series. He also told in his remaining tweets why he named this trailer as GUNS and THIGHS. He wrote – I named this series GUNS and THIGHS because it is synonymous with power and sexual intercourse.

Watch Guns And Thighs Trailer

You can Watch Guns And Thighs Trailer here

Guns And Thighs Trailer: In this 6-minuteGuns And Thighs Trailer video, Ram Gopal Varma says in the initial version that I always wanted to tell the whole story of the Mumbai Mafia. In its very real and original form. However, for many reasons I could not do it in movies. So I’m going to do it here. Significantly, the recent release of Ram Gopal Varma’s movie “Sarkar 3” was released. The beauty of ‘Sarkar 3’ is Amitabh Bachchan’s acting in which he creates magnetic influences from his interactions, his eyesight and his actions. His dialogues are in a very calm and stunned voice.

Guns And Thighs Trailer: In ‘Sarkar 3’, Amitabh has played the role of Subhash Nagre, who is a Godfather of Mumbai in a way and he has control over politics from crime to crime system. His two sons have been killed in the earlier films of this series. In ‘Sarkar 3’ the grandson of Nagre, son of his eldest son Vishnu, Shivaji (Amit Sadhu) returns to his grandfather’s house. Vishnu’s murder was done by his younger brother Shankar in ‘Sarkar’ and Shankar too has been killed in ‘Sarkar Raj’.


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