Garama Masala Sequel To Be Announced


Garama Masala-2: Which pair looks best with Akshay Kumar? Priyanka Chopra? No. Katrina Kaif? No. Akshay look good with John Abraham. Yes, if there is talk of friendship and these two names are not taken, then no fun.

Together they have given films like Desi Boyz, Garam Masala and Housefull. Now the news is that both can be seen together again and that too in the sequel of their own film.

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar have done every type of films in their careers. But both of them work together in comedy films. John Abraham, while talking about his film Garam Masala (2005) during an interview, said that he wants to work in the sequel of this film.

John Abraham said that I would love to do some fun movies. Apart from this, I like Akshay Kumar too and I enjoy working with him. During one of our conversations, he also said that we do something together. We always have the desire to work with each other because we are largely from one.

In response to John questioning whether the sequel of this movie is expected to come, he said that for Garam Masala 2 , Akshay and I are talking and I think that it will be very nice and will be very much fun. The story may be that after 10 years there may be more than three air hostesses in it. I think sequels should also be made of films like Desi Boyz and Dishoom.

There were John Abraham and Varun Dhawan in Dishoom, but Akshay was seen as a cameo. Now let’s see when John and Akshay will come with a sign. If that happens then it will be good news for the couple’s fans.


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