Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : Sapna Chaudhary Fights With Jubair

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : After the  Big Boss season 11 premiered, the show’s first episode has been broadcasted. There are 14 members in the house and 4 neighbours. At the same time, there is a special thing that Salman Khan will also be in the neighbourhood of the house. Although Salman’s neighbour’s house is very secret because Salman can see everything clearly from here, but the members of the house will not be surprised that no one is watching them from their neighbouring house. The first day of the Contestants in the house was very great. Inside the house, TV Actress Hina Khan and Benafsha’s Birthday were celebrated. In addition to this celebration, the first day of the members of the house was handed over to some small strife. Earlier on the day of the episode, it became clear that this time a lot of fight in the show is going to be a fight and abuse.
Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : Sapna Chaudhary Fights With Jubair

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : The first Tip saddled in the house was between the son-in-law of Dawood’s sister Jubair Khan and Haryana’s Dancer Sapna Chaudhary. Increasingly, the movement increased so much that the Sapna began to cry. In fact, the matter caught something like this that all the people were talking about sitting on the dining table, Zubair said some bad things, on this Sapna said that Zubair is very dirty mind. Sapna sharpens Jubair and says how dirty you are. You should see that the ladies are also sitting. You can not say that in front of them. And Jubair left out the dininng table.

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Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode


Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : Hina Khan Comes And Sort Out the matter

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Episode : Jubair gets annoyed by hearing the Sapna and says sapna that do not explain to me what to say and what not to say. If you do not like my sayings then go from here. This is the way I speak. Sapna tells him that you should be ashamed. Having given this opportunity, Jubair said that we should be ashamed on you and what you do. Sapna started crying on the same point and sat in the bedroom. After this Hina comes and explains them and says that no one will speak anything to Sapna.


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