Padmavati Release Postponed : Padmavati Sent Back By CBFC Release May be Delayed

Padmavati Release Postponed, Padmavati Release Date Delayed..??

Padmavati Release Postponed : There is a debate over the film Padmavati is not looking to take a place, this results Padmavati Release Postponed. The censor board of film certification has returned the film to its producers for technical reasons. According to the ANI Sources "After the issue is resolved, the producer of the film will again send it to the CBFC to pass it." Due to the clearance of the film, Padmavati Release Postponed and may be delayed or reschedule.

Padmavati Release Postponed

Does it really seem that the CBFC has not passed the film because of technical reasons? The twitter user don't thnik so.

What Twitter Users Are Saying On Padmavati Release Postponed ?

As soon as the Twitter users came to know that Padmavati Release Postponed and the film not getting approval from the cessar board, they did not digest the fact that the censor board's approval of the film was not approved for technical reasons. Many users are giving their responses to this issue. A user responded to the matter and wrote, "Did the film send back the Padmavati CBFC due to technical reasons or is there any other reason behind this?" One wrote what is absurd. Twitter users feel that the controversy surrounding the film and the threats to film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and actress Deepika Padukone may be the main reason behind the film's approval.

Padmavati Release Postponed Controversy

Let me tell you that the Rajput organization has been opposing of Padmavati for a long time. Rajputi organization Karani Senna says that Bhansali has tampered with history to make a film. Although Bhansali has already made it clear that he has not presented the facts by tampering facts. Bhansali says that he respects Rajputs' feelings. The film Padmavati is to be released on December 1 but after the CBFC has not cleared it and Padmavati Release Postponed, it is to see if the film gets approved even after finishing technical issues or not, we are hoping that Padmavati Release will not postponed and aduience will enjoy a good movie.

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